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Every activity, every association, every historical movement have, and always have had, a bunch of rules and ideals for ispiration, the one that used to be called "Manifesto".

We can find different sources of inspiration for the Lindy Hop; some follow the footsteps of the great dancers, some follow the music, some other establish their teaching on the historical culture of the years 1920-1940.

The big contemporary dancers and teachers (with a culture far superior to ours), have the knowledge suited to mix all of this together and make it a well-defined path to follow.

Through our knowledge, our technical and cultural studies and, most of all, through the relationships with friends, teachers and students, we created a "Manifesto" of our own...PHILOSOSWING!

A word pun that means nothing but the ability to carry emotions, movements and moods from the daily life to the Lindy Hop and vice versa.

Through a deep look of the problems of learning the techniques of Lindy Hop discovered by our students (and myself and Ale before them), we got to build a series of examples (theoretical and practical) on how to deal this difficulties gradually, using movements taken from the everyday life and actions that apparently are not releated to the world of dance.

If used properly, they can help in learning the Lindy Hop.

We tried to do the same thing with the emotions (without stealing the job to the professionals) and we found on our skin how a healthy and deep passion can help relax the nerves after an intense and stressful day.
This is what we help doing during our lessons: there is no problem that you cannot forget (at least for a couple of hours) just dancing with some friends, listening to some good music and diverting attentions to your worries.

Through experiences, studies of personal development and the understanding of the spirit of the Lindy Hop, we try to transmit all of this to the people.

We try to make them understand that what they learned at the lesson, useful to dance and practice Lindy Hop, can be used in everyday life as well.


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